Awesome tools

Making life easier

This is a personal list of tools which I probably don’t use daily, but will help a bunch when their purpose is needed.

  • checkinstall - Replaces make install and creates an uninstallable .deb of any ‘regular’ source package.

Hi-res scrolling on Linux

Smooth scrolling for all

Various Logitech mice implement something called hi-res scrolling. This means instead of having the content move for 3 lines for each scroll movement, you can scroll per-pixel. This gives a precise and smooth experience while scrolling. Enabling the feature First off, we need to enable this feature. Solaar is able to do so when using the Logitech USB receiver. Install it as follows: 1 2 3 4 5 git clone https://github. [Read More]

Reporting VBA errors

I can imagine some of you are still out there having to maintain a project built for Microsoft Access, and having all sorts of fancy features written in Visual Basic for Applications. I am one of you. So since Access is a nightmare to do proper debugging and error reporting once you’re used to modern tools, and I find I rely too much on my client to give me proper feedback, I decided to see if I can make life easier. [Read More]

Issue Labels

Keep your projects organized

This is very much work in progress I want to understand how to do useful labeling. I always have various projects in parallel, and they start to feel disorganized at times. It’s time to put stickers on them to truly see their purpose and urgency. You can find no shortage on people showing their styleguide for labeling -or tagging- issues, for their specific way of working. I have read through various sources to get to my own special flavor, as I shall present here today. [Read More]