Automating Chocolatey with Intune

Intune allows to automatically have software installed on target devices. I found a nice write-up on using this in conjunction with Chocolatey, but realized it could be made much easier. First we’ll prepare the files locally which needs to be done only once, instead of for each application. Prepare Chocolatey The following steps depend on Chocolatey, so first follow the previously mentioned write-up on how to install that through Intune. [Read More]

Installing a new device with Windows 10 Enterprise

This turned out to be much more complicated than I’d like, yet still simpler than I thought at first. I have a Windows system which has a Home license installed in the BIOS. The goal is to onboard the device with a Microsoft 365 E3 license, and manage it using Intune. Get Enterprise on USB media For this get the Media Creation Tool. Then run it from PowerShell using: 1 . [Read More]