OpenAuto in a Peugeot 206

with a built-in Bluetooth car radio

I’ve been using Crankshaft for about a year now, with a Raspberry Pi 3 attached to the 7 inch touch screen display just dropped into the center console with the default fascia removed. It eventually led to a cracked display, which has been mostly glued back together. Still fully operational. Now I wanted to upgrade to Android Auto Wireless and decided to go for OpenAuto. I wanted to keep my built in radio because it has all the requirements such as a proper amplifier, Bluetooth A2DP and HFP, and steering wheel controls. [Read More]

Dual apps Android

Removing the limitation on which apps can be duplicated

Some phones have software available to run two separated/isolated instances of the same app on a device. This may be called Dual Messenger on Samsung devices, or Parallel Apps on OnePlus devices. Through adb we can add apps which aren’t allowed by default. No root required. Add non-default app First we need the user id of the Android user assigned to the secondary apps. Connect your phone, enable USB Debugging in Developer Options, and run the following. [Read More]