Finding a pair of sunglasses tends to get complicated when you’re finding out there’s a plethora of options, all of which don’t combine to the pair you’d shell out enough money for while feeling certain you’ll wear them with pleasure for life (or at least, a good bit of it).

Now I’m blessed with a large head, on which I’ve been carrying comically tiny glasses, as I never really dug into the possibilities.

No more.

Same as with being overly tall, it can be a blessing in disguise, as the initial filtering for ‘XL-without-McD’ options leaves perhaps 2 or 3 options per brand.

Then comes the filtering for sports, as they’re meant to not fall off my face while ‘shredding’.


Furthermore, very important, the right lens color/tint. The following image shows an overview of what might work. No science here, just a picture from the internet which has plausible words.

Life In Color

Furthermore, I want it to have at least polarized or photochromatic lenses, with a preference for photochromatic. Have great experience with it (albeit being the comically small pair).


Almost there. Sizing. After a visit to a store to try out a few, sizing comes down to ballpark measuring, as the clamping force may be too much or too little, or your nose has a weird shape. So it’s always important to try before you buy(/keep).

How sizing works is quite confusing, as the store guy said the lens width is a measurement of the widest part of the lens, but plenty of websites mention it is literally the (horizontal) width.

Some measurements I took away from my visit was, I need/prefer about 140mm for the temple length, a lens width of 60+, and a bridge width of… I’m not sure.

My temple-to-temple distance is 155, so the frame width needs to be just a bit wider than that. My IPD is 75 (say goodbye to headacheless VR 🥺), which dictate where the lenses should be centered. My bridge width is 20mm.

So, according to youtube, (155mm+6mm-19mm)/2 = 84,2mm is my ideal lens width. That’s huge. I’ll probably have to settle with the seemingly common 63mm, and somehow make this all work.

Frame width155mm
Lens width63mm
Bridge width20mm
Temple length140mm


Finally, personal preference. They, of course, must look 😎!

I’m going for an everyday look, so not the rad Oakley’s.

Time for a list.


Deckboss - Matte Gravy + ChromaPop Polarized Bronze Mirror Lens Deckboss


Guide’s Choice XL - Matte Black + ChromaPop Polarized Gray Green Lens

Guide’s Choice XL

I’d prefer the brown lenses, but the accompanying frame just reminds me too much of the frames my mother used to wear (or probably still does).

Here I also realize, the above aren’t available in Europe… Let’s have a look closer to home. So adding the filter for bullshit-less shipping in/to Europe.

Leadout - Black + Photochromic Clear to Gray Lens


This one has the excellent feature of being able to easily change lenses. Too bad it doesn’t come with a brown/amber lens kit.


Holbrook XL - Prizm Black Polarized

Frame: 140mm

Holbrook XL

Holbrook XL - Prizm Tungsten Polarized

Frame: 140mm

Holbrook XL

Mainlink XL - Prizm Tungsten Polarized

Frame: 141mm

Mainlink XL

Mainlink XL - Prizm Black Polarized

Frame: 141mm

Mainlink XL

Mainlink XL - Prizm Deep Water Polarized

Frame: 141mm

Mainlink XL

Faded Days

These guys focus on large heads. High expectations!

XL Classic - Gloss-Black Polarised

Frame: 155mm

XL Classic

It appears they’re not meant for sports, as there’s no mention of it. Would be a shame to lose it easily.

End result!

Not there yet.