This is a personal list of tools and manuals which I probably don’t use daily, but will help a bunch when their purpose is needed.


  • checkinstall - Replaces make install and creates an uninstallable .deb of any ‘regular’ source package.
  • 365 mail forwarding - Allows forwarding of domain mails without a (paid) mailbox in Office 365
  • appimagelauncher - Properly integrates AppImage applications into the OS.


SSH Reverse Tunnel

Use the following to create a reverse tunnel which allows you to reach a service from a remote host, which only your local host can reach.

ssh <remote-user>@<remote-host> -R <remote-host-local-port>:<target-host>:<target-port>

Make sure to set a <remote-host-local-port> that can be allocated. You will not see an error if you for example use port 222 which only root can allocate, it just won’t work.

Then use localhost:<remote-host-local-port> on the remote host to reach the service. For example using git clone.

git clone ssh://git@localhost:<remote-host-local-port>/your/repo.git